Dashboard and Analytics

The Dashboard dislpays all available and upcoming features. Users can navigate effortlessly through our user-friendly interface and proceed accordingly.

Notice Board

Notice board is our most used feature through which Principals and teachers can send direct notices for free to parents, and students in later versions.


Teachers can now mark and deliver attendance instantly..Students can be marked present, absent, late, or for taking early/sick leave. All historic data will be available to view.


Student records such as tests and exams can now be recorded from Gr.R - Gr.12. Teachers now have a better understanding of students and are able to track and improve results. This feature will be available in later versions.

Calender Events

Events such as sports, exams, parent or SGB meetings are made by the principal and sent directly to selected parents and teachers, and eventually students involving them in activities.

Homework and Assignments

In later versions, assignments can be allocated by the Principal or Teachers to their students or their respective group or class. Historic data will be available to view.

Features planned in the future