We have partnered with Google and corporates to fund this project via means of advertising. So when a user clicks on an advert that interests them, they in a way pay for their portion of the usages of the App or platform.
Edu Sams is a South African company which is registered with CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission). The owner is a young South African who came up with the idea to lower the carbon footprint of schools by offering an app to communicate with parents, teachers, learners.
Education School Admin & Management System
Yes, we have all our servers linked to Microsoft and Google and have strict measures in place to prevent hacking. The way we have structures our information makes it difficult to access.
If you look at the size of the app on the Play Store, its 7.2 MB, compared to other messager apps been over 20 MB. So downloading the app is really cheap and also depends on the service provider. Schools sending messages to parents cost the same as sending a WhatsApp message.
No, as we generate income via means of adverts.
No, this is not part of or linked to SA SAMS in any way.
Not at the moment, once launched and perfected in South Africa (phase 1), we have about 10 to 15 countries ready to join us.
It’s the launch phase where the first basic features will be made available. Namely the electronic attendance, messaging and calendar events.