About EduSams

We at Edusams South Africa have developed a new, advance communication app for schools and we are giving it to all schools in SA to use for free.

How it works -

  1. You register the school: www.edusams.com
  2. Once registered, you log in and download the sample data sheet, populate the sheet save it and then upload the sheet. (Learner info, Parents info)
  3. Step 3, download the 2nd sample data sheet for Educators details, populate the sheet save it and then upload. That’s about it from the school side.
  1. Download the app and register – because you uploaded their data in step 3 above they will automatically be assigned to a class
  2. They will be able to now mark the attendance register via their phone, PC or tablet.
  3. They will be able to send homework notices to parents similar to WhatsApp from their pc, phone or tablet. Much more features
  1. All parents have to do is download the app look for Edusams on the Google play store.
  2. Register as a parent as the school has already uploaded their information in step 2 under schools.
  3. They will automatically be shown all their children's details e.g. attendance records or any messages or events concerning their child etc.
  1. Printing and distributing of Newsletters or any other form used to inform parents of events.
  2. It has an electronic attendance register so Teachers can now make the class attendance using pc, tablets or phones (Android, for now, apple coming soon).
  3. It has IMS (instant messages to parents similar to WhatsApp), you can now send instant messages to parents be in one or a group or all, at no cost to the school. Messages take less than a minute to reach the parents. The will receive a notification once they open it they will be able to read the full message, works like WhatsApp. Calendar events, you can now add calendar events and parents will be instantly informed of the event
  4. Much more features